For who

EMODnet Ingestion is targeting organisations in the following functional groups as potential data providers:

  • Industry: This includes leadership companies and organizations from the diverse Ocean Business Community: shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, aquaculture, seabed mining, tourism, renewable energy, ports, dredging, mining, submarine cables, marine science, engineering and technology, the maritime legal, financial and insurance communities.
  • Navy: The branch of the armed services of a state which conducts military operations at sea.
  • Academia/research institutions: This includes organizations whose primary focus is higher education and research, such as universities and other academic institutes.
  • NGO: This includes non-governmental organizations. They are not-for-profit organization that are independent from states and international governmental organizations.
  • Government: This includes different levels of governmental organizations such as the inter-governmental organizations, national and regional government bodies and public authorities.