The EMODnet Data Ingestion portal is a component of the present marine data management infrastructure and existing pathways towards the EMODnet data portals. These pathways follow for all EMODnet themes a common workflow: data are 1) gathered from observing organizations; 2) validated, processed and stored in dedicated national data centres; 3) populated in the appropriate European infrastructure (such as SeaDataNet, EurOBIS and others depending of the theme), and 4) made part of EMODnet data portals. This is illustrated in the scheme below.

Workflow overall upgrade

The Data Ingestion portal development includes the following activities:

  • Construct and operate Data Ingestion web portal with services, including:
    • Data Submission service to submit marine dataset packages including metadata description
    • Data tracking service to allow data providers to stay informed about the progress from data submission to publishing; this is integrated in the Data Submission service
    • Data Discovery and Access service to retrieve and download submitted dataset packages ‘as is’
    • Data Wanted service to facilitate users seeking certain types of information to specify their needs
  • Implement and operate pathways for delivering data to the data centres, EU infrastructures and EMODnet thematic portals
  • Operate a help-service for users to provide their data in the most appropriate format
  • Facilitate inclusion of operational oceanography data streams
  • Undertake marketing and outreach to identify and engage significant holders of marine data who are not yet connected to the national, regional and European marine data management infrastructures and whose data are not already available.