How can you track the processing

The data submission process has a dedicated workflow with interactions between the data submitter and the assigned data centre. Both data submitters and data centres can track the progress of completing the submission form and data package upload by means of a ‘Process Info’ section in each submission form. This ‘Process Info’ will specify in time:

  • Submission identifier (UUID)
  • Status of the workflow
  • Assigned data centre
  • Assigned data centre contactperson
  • Link to original part 1 of data submission form as submitted by data submitter
  • Link to the stored data package
  • Date of publication for Phase I
  • Process log for Phase I
  • Link to publication for Phase I
  • DOI of publication for Phase I (optional)
  • Process log for Phase I
  • Dates of of publications for Phase II
  • Process log for Phase II
  • Links to publications for Phase II  

Next to the ‘Process Info’ at submission form level, an additional function is available for data centres and Ingestion portal managers in the Submission service to query key indicators about the performance of the service, such as number and types of submissions, processing durations, etc.  

Also have a look at the Manual for Data Submitters and the Manual for Data Centres.