How to register as data submitter

The EMODnet Data Ingestion portal is public domain. However, a user registration is required for data providers to act as a data submitter for using the Data Submission service with its range of functions. The user registration is required to ensure that data submitters have a unique logon which will be instrumental for managing their submissions and for tracking the further processing of their submissions. As part of the registration it is also necessary to ensure that data submitters agree with the terms of use of the Marine-ID service that is used by the EMODnet Data Ingestion portal as well as by SeaDataNet and several other EMODnet portals for user registration, authentication and authorisation.

Data submitters must register once in order to get a personal logon name and password. This is done by filling a web form and confirming that the user accepts the terms of use. The user will then receive a logon per email.