How will your datasets be processed and published

Your completed submission form and dataset package will be stored in the EMODnet Data Ingestion cloud infrastructure with a unique ticket number (UUID) allowing further monitoring and managing of the submission.

The EMODnet Ingestion portal managers will do a first quality check and assign a data centre that is the best suited for further processing. The data centre will undertake further processing and publishing in 2 phases:

  • Phase I: from data submission to publishing of the submitted datasets package ‘as is’;
  • Phase II: further elaboration of the datasets package and integration (of subsets) in national, European and EMODnet thematic portals.

Phase I: the data centre will review the submission metadata and datasets package (datasets collection and associated documentation) and complete the submission form with extra metadata. There will be contact with the data submitter in case of questions. Once ready, the data centre will request approval of the data submitter for publishing the complete submission form and the original data package ‘as is’. The data submitter then has 2 weeks for a response; otherwise approval is given automatically. Once the metadata is fully agreed, the submission form and dataset package will be released for publishing. This will take place by means of the Data Discovery and Access service (aka View submissions). This allows any user to search the submission forms and to download the related dataset packages ‘as is’ without any restrictions. The data submitter can follow the process via the tracking information in the submission form. Optionally a DOI (via DataCite) can be added to the publication in case of academic publishing.

Phase II:  the assigned data centre will undertake further processing and curating of the submission at dataset level and will work up (subsets of) the received datasets to the level of inclusion in the data management system of the data centre, including detailed metadata. For this purpose the data centre might have extra communication with the data submitter. Finalised datasets (possibly subsets of the original data package) will be included in the data management system of the data centre for long term stewardship and published at the data centre portal. In addition, action will be undertaken by the data centre to populate the finalised curated datasets and related metadata into the appropriate European infrastructures (SeaDataNet, EurOBIS, EGDI, ICES, COGEA) and from there towards the relevant EMODnet thematic portals. The national, European and EMODnet URLs will be added to the data submission form in the Summary Service, so that all links can be followed by users.

Also have a look at the Manual for Data Submitters, the Manual for Data Centres and the submission process overview.

All datasets submitted through the Submission service will be considered as open data.

The submitted datasets will be published with acknowledgements to data providers and data originators. In principle this will be at organisation level to respect privacy of daa submitters. However in case of specific requests by the data submitter, also names of researchers might be published, as this might be important for data citation purposes.

Internally the Submission service works with contact details of data submitters and assigned data centres in order to allow for direct communication relevant for processing the submitted datasets. These personal details will not be published.