What are the conditions of use of submitted data sets

Data sets are included and published in EMODnet Ingestion by data submitters on behalf of data originators, who own the intellectual property rights of the data sets. Users are granted a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to retrieve and use these data sets under the following terms:

  • Retrieval, by electronic download, and the use of data sets is free of charge;
  • Regardless of whether the data are quality controlled or not, EMODnet Ingestion, data submitters and data originators do not accept any liability for the correctness and/or appropriate interpretation of the data. Interpretation should follow scientific rules and is always the user’s responsibility. Correct and appropriate data interpretation is solely the responsibility of data users;
  • Users must acknowledge data sources when publishing by referring to the data sets in EMODnet Ingestion which give proper attribution of data originators;
  • Users should not give the data sets to third parties, but rather inform them about how to find and get the data sets at EMODnet Ingestion.

Where possible, ingested data sets are further processed and elaborated by expert data centres. Finalised data sets (possibly subsets of the original data package) will be included in the data management system of the data centre for long term stewardship and published at the data centre portal. In addition, action will be undertaken by the data centre to populate the finalised curated datasets and related metadata into the appropriate European infrastructures (SeaDataNet, EurOBIS, EGDI, ICES, COGEA) and from there towards the relevant EMODnet thematic portals. Each of these infrastructures make use of their own data policies; however the core conditions of use are comparable to those listed above for EMODnet Ingestion.