Guidelines for European projects data submissions

EMODnet Data Ingestion, in collaboration with EMODnet Thematic Coordinators and the Secretariat, have produced an EMODnet Guidance document on European project data submissions to EMODnet. This is an output from the webinar 'EMODnet for Horizon Europe and Mission: Restore our Ocean and Waters' on 28th February 2024, organised by EMODnet, in collaboration with EC DG MARE. 

The new EMODnet guidance document is primarily aimed at European Research and Innovation projects that seek advice and guidelines on preparing and submitting data to EMODnet. It is designed to inform EU project data management plans, and to optimise the pipeline of marine knowledge from data collection and curation to submission into the EMODnet service, where Europe's in situ marine data capability is offered as pan-European FAIR data, data products and metadata, for open and free use by all. The webinar recording and further information are available here.