Frequently Asked Questions

Question : What are the data requirements for data providers?

The system will accept any type of data as soon as they are well documented. Have a look at where you will find information about the additional information that should be sent with your data. The format of the data file(s) you submit should be well described.

Question : What kind of license is applicable to a dataset?

The data policy of the Ingestion portal is that all submitted data will be fully open and available for everybody for every use, because we want to encourage also industry parties to submit and to use ingested data sets without constraints. Our prevailing licenses are:

Question: Do I need to register to submit data?

The EMODnet Data Ingestion portal is public domain. However, a user registration is required for data providers to act as a data submitter for using the Data Submission service with its range of functions. Marine-ID account is used to access these services:

  • Users can register online
  • Users can choose their login and password when registering to Marine-ID
  • Users can manage their marine-id account : change their personal information, ask for a new password

Question: I don’t manage to connect with Marine-ID

You can go to and use the different services such as: I have forgotten my password, I have forgotten my Username

Question: Does EMODnet Ingestion provide a DOI to the data sets submitted?

No, but if a DOI is needed, it is suggested to publish the data via SeaDataNet using SEANOE. Then the data set will receive a DOI and it will be pushed also to the EMODnet Ingestion submission service.