Already 800 submissions received and published

15 May 2021

The EMODnet Ingestion process is becoming well known among the wider marine community and gaining excellent traction. In May 2021 another milestone was reached with more than 800 data submissions published at the portal. These data submissions have all been completed for publishing and can be found and downloaded from the 'View submissions' service.

Of these already more than 350 data sets have been elaborated by the assigned expert data centres from the EMODnet network and are included in European data infrastructures such as SeaDataNet and EurOBIS for feeding into EMODnet portals. The data sets originate from research and governmental organisations but also from NGO's and private industry parties. More submissions are being reviewed and completed for publishing.

We challenge data managers from all sectors that have interesting data which are not yet incorporated, to follow these examples.

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