Check out our steadily increasing number of success stories for EMODnet Ingestion

25 January 2023

In 5 years, EMODnet Data Ingestion has received 1250+ submissions from 180+ organisations. Many hundreds of dasta sets, received through these submissions, are fully elaborated and taken up in national and European marine data infrastructures and feeding into EMODnet, this way enriching EMODnet data collections and derived data poroducts.

There are many reasons why public and private organisations that are not members of EMODnet also want to share their data. Whatever their motivation, potential data providers outside the EMODnet network are supported by our data ambassadors to release their datasets for safekeeping and further processing, publishing as open data and contributing to applications for society. Our data ambassadors are national and regional marine and oceanographic data repositories and data management experts who are partners in EMODnet Data Ingestion.

A further motivation for sharing data through EMODnet Ingestion can be found by checking out and getting inspired by the increasing number of success stories of use cases for EMODnet Ingestion. Have a look at our homepage and click on 'Join our success stories' which gives an updated overview of 12 success stories. 

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