Data Ingestion project presented at European Maritime Days 2017

20 May 2017

During the European Maritime Days 2017 - held 18-19 May in Poole, UK, a workshop was held around the theme "Blue Growth Data Challenge Part 1: Engaging Industry - Involving industry in marine data initiatives. The session was organised by the EMODnet Secretariat in collaboration with the Columbus project and Peter Thijsse (MARIS) was invited to present the approach taken in the EMODnet Data Ingestion project.

Session summary:
Current attempts to engage industry as users or providers of marine data is insufficient to fully unlock the wealth of European marine observations and data for blue growth. This workshop will discuss the challenges and benefits of public-private collaboration towards data acquisition and sharing. Drawing from initiatives such as WOC’s Smart Ocean Smart Industries program, MAREANO project, H2020 Columbus and the EMODnet Data Ingestion Facility the workshop will identify best practices to promote industry-public collaborations and facilitate the uptake of data from private sector. It will set the stage for the follow-on workshop Blue Growth Data Challenge Part 2: Offshore Energy Case Studies.
The main objectives are to identify barriers to private sector involvement in data collection & sharing; discuss fostering industry-public collaboration in collection & sharing of marine data; present opportunities, pitfalls & successes of key initiatives aimed to improve data uptake & sharing between public & private sector.

The session was well attended by around 50 participants and lead to interesting discussions around industry involvement and potential barriers. The EMODnet Data Ingestion presentation can be downloaded here.

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