Easter bells brought us EMODnet Data Ingestion III project

26 April 2022

The Easter bells brought us the good news that the EMODnet Data Ingestion project is now entering its phase 3 for two years. This confirms the unwavering support of the team work of 43 organizations for streamlining the data ingestion process. The new phase will continue helping data holders from public and private sectors to easily release their data for safekeeping and subsequent distribution as open data through EMODnet. This data then feed into seven thematic areas accessible through the central data portal (Bathymetry, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Human Activities, Physics, Seabed Habitats).

Easter-new-Ingestion-project-image // 2022-04_emodnet_dip3_easter-news_digest-1.jpg (108 K)

Some specific activities will be:

  • identification, guidance and support to holders of marine datasets that are not yet connected to leading European data management infrastructures and their national nodes;
  • integrating the Ingestion services into the EMODnet Central Portal
  • improving availability of data provided for coastal and offshore licensing with particular emphasis on aquaculture and offshore energy
  • continue and expand facilitating machine-to-machine transfers to fasten the availability of data

Take part in our success story. Join the EMODnet community and work your data at https://www.emodnet-ingestion.eu Discover some of our success stories and how to wake up your data (these are short animation movies).


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