New services added to EMODnet Ingestion portal

03 October 2017

Two new services have been added to the EMODnet Ingestion portal. These concern:

  1. View submissions: this service allows users to discover and download the datasets that have been submitted via the Submission service and that have been reviewed and completed in metadata by assigned data centers. These datasets are published “as-is” and will be further inspected and elaborated, where possible, for uptake in the national and European infrastructures supporting EMODnet. An increasing number of datasets will become available following the increase of submissions. 
  2. Data wanted: this service facilitates anyone seeking certain types of datasets to specify its needs and to post these. This might challenge potential owners of matching datasets to come forward and as follow-up to ingest their datasets. Also it gives direction to the operators of the Ingestion portal in their searches for additional datasets as they will try to match the posted data requests


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