Opportunity for ingesting data from the Nord Stream pipeline project surveys

01 December 2016

The Nord Stream twin pipeline system runs through the Baltic Sea from Vyborg, Russia to Lubmin near Greifswald, Germany. The pipelines were built and are operated by Nord Stream AG. The Nord Stream route crosses the Exclusive Economic Zones of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany, as well as the territorial waters of Russia, Denmark, and Germany.

Construction of Line 1 of the twin pipeline system began in April 2010, and was completed in June 2011. Transportation of gas through Line 1 began in mid November 2011. Construction of Line 2, which runs parallel to Line 1, began in May 2011 and it was completed in April 2012. Gas transport through the second line began in October 2012.

During the preparations and developments a range of marine surveys was undertaken for engineering and marine environmental purposes. A subset of the collected datasets might become available for inclusion in the EMODnet Data Ingestion portal.  

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