Successful SWE colloquium in Sopot - Poland

27 April 2018

At 26th April 2018 a colloquium was held by EMODnet Ingestion together with colleagues of SeaDataNet, EuroGOOS and EMODnet Physics to inform and to encourage marine institutes in Poland to participate in the European data exchange. The colloquium was joined by representatives of IMGW-PIB, IO PAN, MIG, PGI-NRI, and MIR-PIB. An overview was given of the present state of SWE developments and how these can be applied in practice by network operators. Moreover information was given of EMODnet Physics which builds upon CMEMS-INSTAC, EuroGOOS and SeaDataNet to give overview and access to operational oceanography platforms and their resulting data sets. Finally,  attention was given to EMODnet Ingestion which cooperates together with EMODnet Physics to identify and mobilise more operational oceanography operators to connect and make their data streams and historical data series part of the European marine data exchange. After a lively discussion and brainstorming a number of opportunities were identified which will be followed up. More information about the programme and presentations can be retrieved. 

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