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This service allows users to search and download the datasets that have been submitted via the Submission service and that have been reviewed and completed in metadata by assigned data centers. These datasets are published “as-is” and will be further inspected and elaborated, where possible, for uptake in the national and European infrastructures supporting EMODnet. Once elaborated and included, users can also find the URLs of the European data infrastructures. See also Conditions of Use.

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2012, Partrac Ltd, Islay Offshore Wind Farm, Metocean Survey
Period: 2012-02-12 - 2012-08-14
Observation type: Waves

2011-GEMS, Zone 8 - Bristol Channel Atlantic Array, Metocean assessment
Period: 2011-03-09 - 2011-04-13
Observation type: Currents,Optical properties,Waves

Offshore Gas Storage (UK) - natural gas storage leases
Period: 2014-01-31 - 2017-03-30
Observation type: Energy,Pipelines

UK Offshore Carbon Capture and Storage - The Crown Estate Leases
Period: 2012-07-18 - 2017-03-30
Observation type: Energy

TCE Marine Aggregate Agreements and Subsurface Mine Leases
Period: 2008-05-12 - 2017-09-18
Observation type: Area Management/Designation,Mining

Offshore wind UK
Period: 2013-12-09 - 2017-07-20
Observation type: Construction and structures,Energy

Offshore renewables-Wave and Tidal (UK)
Period: 2010-06-21 - 2017-07-20
Observation type: Construction and structures,Energy