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This service allows users to search and download the datasets that have been submitted via the Submission service and that have been reviewed and completed in metadata by assigned data centers. These datasets are published “as-is” and will be further inspected and elaborated, where possible, for uptake in the national and European infrastructures supporting EMODnet. Once elaborated and included, users can also find the URLs of the European data infrastructures. See also Conditions of Use.

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Microsatellites and mitochondrial dataset for the vesicomyid bivalve Christineconcha regab
Period: 2011-01-26 - 2012-01-12
Observation type: inapplicable

Environmental variables, species abundance and stable isotopes of species associated to Bathymodiolus azoricus mussel assemblages at the Capelinhos hydrothermal structure (Lucky Strike vent field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge)
Period: 2014-01-01 - 2015-01-01
Observation type: inapplicable

Catch data of Rajiformes from bottom trawl surveys in the Bay of Biscay 1973-2019
Period: 1973-01-01 - 2019-12-31
Observation type: inapplicable

Intermediate ocean circulation and cryosphere dynamics in the northeast Atlantic during Heinrich Stadials: benthic foraminiferal assemblage response
Period: 2009-01-01 - 2010-12-31
Observation type: inapplicable

Species richness, abundance and biomass data for assessing fish spillover from Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas
Period: 2003-01-01 - 2004-12-31
Observation type: inapplicable

Demographic data of hydrothermal vent Rimicaris shrimp populations collected on the Mid Atlantic Ridge during the BICOSE 2 cruise (2018)
Period: 2018-02-01 - 2018-03-01
Observation type: inapplicable

A broad-scale long-term dataset of Sabellaria alveolata distribution and abundance curated through the REEHAB (REEf HABitat) Project
Period: 1821-01-01 - 2019-01-01
Observation type: inapplicable

Reproductive data of hydrothermal vent alvinocaridid shrimps collected in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans
Period: 2002-02-01 - 2018-03-01
Observation type: inapplicable

Stable isotope ratios of hydrothermal vent alvinocaridid shrimps collected during the BICOSE 2 cruise (2018)
Period: 2018-01-27 - 2018-03-11
Observation type: inapplicable

Demographic and reproduction data of hydrothermal vent alvinocaridid shrimps collected on the Mid Atlantic Ridge during the Bicose cruise (2014)
Period: 2014-01-01 - 2014-02-01
Observation type: inapplicable

Diversity and population structure along recovery of hydrothermal vent communities, Lucky Strike vent field (Mid-Atlantic ridge)
Period: 2022-01-01 - 2022-12-31
Observation type: inapplicable

Stable isotope ratios of eastern Mediterranean deep cold seep fauna (MEDECO cruise Napoli & Amsterdam mud volcanoes, 2007)
Period: 2007-10-21 - 2007-10-30
Observation type: Biota abundance, biomass and diversity

Biogeochemical data at a Mediterranean mussel farm, Northern Adriatic Sea
Period: 1900-01-01 - 2018-03-01
Observation type: Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus,Nutrients,Other inorganic chemical measurements

Stable isotope ratios of hydrothermal fauna collected during the BICOSE cruise (2014)
Period: 2014-01-17 - 2014-02-02
Observation type: inapplicable,Isotopes

Plasticity of trophic interactions in fish assemblages results in temporal variability of benthic-pelagic couplings
Period: 2009-01-01 - 2016-12-31
Observation type: Fish,inapplicable

Distribution of Scleractinia (Madrepora oculata and Lophelia pertusa) reported between 1995 and 2013 in the French Mediterranean Sea
Period: 1995-01-01 - 2013-12-31
Observation type: Biota abundance, biomass and diversity,inapplicable

Biometric data for large pelagic fish in the Indian Ocean
Period: 2017-06-26 - 2019-08-08
Observation type: Fish

Harmful algae niche response(s) to environmental and community variation along the French coast. Dataset
Period: 2019-01-01 - 2019-12-31
Observation type: inapplicable,Macroalgae and seagrass

Zooplankton samples from Eastern tropical Atlantic
Period: 2016-03-09 - 2016-04-04
Observation type: inapplicable

Genetic, morphometric, and additional data for albacore tuna in the South-West Indian Ocean and South-East Atlantic in 2013-2014. GERMON project dataset.
Period: 2013-01-01 - 2014-12-31
Observation type: inapplicable

SNP discovery and validation for parentage assignment in hatchery progeny of the European abalone Haliotis tuberculata
Period: 1900-01-01 - 2018-01-01
Observation type: Aquaculture,Fisheries