Details of Data from Eurofleets+ PHYCOB cruise-Part I: CTD + nutrient data


Dataset identification

Title of datasetData from Eurofleets+ PHYCOB cruise-Part I: CTD + nutrient data
Narrative summary of datasetData were collected in the southern Western Black Sea (Bulgarian and Romanian territorial waters) for the Eurofleets+ PHYCOB cruise. This submission contains CTD and nutrient data. The main scientific objectives of the research cruise are: 1) To assess the presence of toxic microalgae in the plankton assemblage of the Western Black Sea. 2) To quantitatively determine the spatial distribution of toxic phytoplankton species and their corresponding toxins in the plankton. 3) To quantitatively describe the spatial distribution of toxic phytoplankton resting stages in surface sediments and determine hotspots of recruitment and bloom initiation. 4) To define correlations among hydrographic and/or meteorological conditions and occurrence of HAB species. 5) To characterize the plankton communities accompanying HAB species together with toxin analysis of size fractionated samples. 6) To identify heterotrophic dinoflagellates, ciliates, or other small zooplankton as possible toxin vectors. 7) To isolate toxic Black Sea microalgal species and establish monoclonal cultures for characterization of Black Sea strains. 8) To perform an interseasonal comparison of toxigenic plankton species by combining the data sets collected during the R/V Akademik cruise that was performed in May/June 2019 with our data from summer. 9) To compare the data set from the Western Black Sea to the Southern (North-) Western North Sea, Baltic Sea and West Greenland obtained during earlier expeditions for site comparisons.
Summary of processing methodologyStandard extraction of data using seabird software. CTD data was combined with pH and oxygen data from the ship lab by Tubitak personnel. Kristof Moller added a tab ODV that contains the converted CTD data.
Project/programmeEUROFLEETS+: An Alliance of European marine research infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the research and industrial communities
  • 96_BSH20213265
  • Start date2021-09-11
    End date2021-09-17
    Frequency of observationshour to sub-day

    Responsible organisations

    Organisation nameAlfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
    Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset
    Organisation nameTUBITAK, Marmara Research Center, Environment Institute (Marine and Inland Waters Management SBU)
    Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset

    Dataset availability


    Latitude north boundary45.126285110968
    Longitude east boundary31.418451898647
    Latitude south boundary42.104775956852
    Longitude west boundary28.034662836147
    Sea areaBlack Sea
    Vertical extent minimum3 Metres
    Vertical extent maximum1000 Metres

    Data types, collection and processing

    Observation typeNutrients
    Water column temperature and salinity
    ParameterAlkalinity, acidity and pH of the water column
    Variable fluorescence parameters
    Electrical conductivity of the water column
    Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column
    Salinity of the water column
    Density of the water column
    Temperature of the water column
    Concentration of suspended particulate material in the water column
    Instrument typeCTD
    Instrument nameSea-Bird SBE 25plus Sealogger CTD
    Instrument typedissolved gas sensors
    pH sensors
    unconsolidated sediment corers
    Instrument nameUnspecified box corer
    Platform typeresearch vessel
    Platform nameTUBITAK Marmara

    Process information

    Submitting organisationAlfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
    Submission identifier (UUID)6ba015ff-46c6-441c-b70b-8243ad662609
    Date of dataset creation2021-09-24
    Date of metadata creation2021-12-09
    Date of metadata latest revision2022-02-16
    Date of publishing2022-03-07
    Date of processed dataset publication2023-05-12
    Processing data centreRoyal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Operational Directorate Natural Environment, Belgian Marine Data Centre
    Summary record-ID1000