Details of Underway thermosalinograph data from cruise DEKOSIM Black Sea July 2019


Dataset identification

Title of datasetUnderway thermosalinograph data from cruise DEKOSIM Black Sea July 2019
Narrative summary of datasetThe dataset contains pairs of files with thermosalinograph data acquiured underway during the cruise. The first file in a pair named "tsgXX", where XX is sequentional number, contains raw output of thermosalinograph. Each record in the file contains: global time (seconds from 01/01/1970), temperature value, and salinity value. The second file in a pair named "gpsXX" contains the respective GPS data: global time (seconds from 01/01/1970) and GPS GPGGA sentence in each record. The thermosalinograph model: SBE 45 MicroTSG of Sea-Bird Electronics.
Summary of processing methodologySensors are fully calibrated by manufacturer.
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  • Start date2019-07-04
    End date2019-07-15

    Responsible organisations

    Organisation nameInstitute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University
    Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset

    Dataset availability

    Original dataset download link
    Dataset formatDelimited
    Public accessNo limitations
    License for useCC BY-SA 4.0
    Link to dataset after processing by data centre{4957A50A-B59A-4DF3-8D16-6474E3A45260}


    Latitude north boundary42.74532
    Longitude east boundary41.49669
    Latitude south boundary40.98692
    Longitude west boundary28.08819
    Sea areaBlack Sea
    Vertical extent minimum2 Metres
    Vertical extent maximum2 Metres

    Data types, collection and processing

    Observation typeWater column temperature and salinity
    ParameterSalinity of the water column
    Temperature of the water column
    Instrument typethermosalinographs
    Instrument nameSea-Bird SBE 45 MicroTSG thermosalinograph
    Platform typeresearch vessel
    Platform nameBilim-2

    Process information

    Submitting organisationInstitute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University
    Submission identifier (UUID)d2c52c62-6d1c-406b-a5c1-cddcabda8771
    Date of dataset creation2019-07-15
    Date of metadata creation2022-10-26
    Date of metadata latest revision2022-10-27
    Date of publishing2022-10-27
    Date of processed dataset publication2022-11-02
    Processing data centreInstitute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University
    Summary record-ID1136