Details of Hydrographic dataset from the Eurofleets+ SINES 2022 research cruise in the Iberian Upwelling System


Dataset identification

Title of datasetHydrographic dataset from the Eurofleets+ SINES 2022 research cruise in the Iberian Upwelling System
Narrative summary of datasetThis dataset contains the hydrographic data for all the stations conducted during the EUROFLEETS+ SINES cruise that took place aboard the R/V Sarmiento de Gamboa between 11-20th of September 2022.  The project "Climate change impact on ocean fronts ecosystems: The case of the Iberian Upwelling System (SINES)" was planned to be a proof of concept cruise of multidisciplinary research: integrating satellite data to past sediment records within classical methods in oceanography research and automated underwater vehicles to tackle the characterization of the Iberian Margin Upwelling System. The overall objective of this study is to identify the changes and risks for marine ecosystem services deriving from the potential impact of climate change on upwelling fronts. This research cruise was funded by the Eurofleets+ SEA Programme Call “REGIONAL” in 2019/2020 and was led by the Centre of Marine Sciences of Algarve (CCMAR, Portugal). The proposed multidisciplinary expedition was carried out between 11-19th September 2022. Full depth water column CTD profiles were collected at all the stations (15 stations, 19 CTD casts, i.e, four stations with double cast -shallow and deep-). In 12 stations, a vertical multinet haul was also collected. The depth of the multinet samples (100 µm mesh) range between 700 m and surface. A deployment of a Light Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (LAUV Explore-4) was done on 17-18th of September. The AUV conducted more than 100 high-resolution immersion profiles between the surface and 10/50/100 m depth following the track of the research vessel between the coast and the position 37.35ºN 9.4ºW. Complete list of stations, events and positions of EUROFLEETS+ SINES also available in the dataset.   Important Note: This submission has been initially submitted to SEA scieNtific Open data Edition (SEANOE) publication service and received the recorded DOI. The metadata elements have been further processed (refined) in EMODnet Ingestion Service in order to conform with the Data Submission Service specifications.
Project/programmeEUROFLEETS+: An Alliance of European marine research infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the research and industrial communities
  • 2489_29SG20220911
  • Start date2022-09-11
    End date2022-09-20

    Responsible organisations

    Organisation nameIfremer, Scientific Information Systems for the sea
    Role of organisationDataset Holding Organisation
    Organisation nameSEA scieNtific Open data Edition
    Role of organisationPublisher
    How to citeFontela Marcos, Abrantes Fátima, Álvarez-Fernández María Jesús, Borges De Sousa João, Choi Wang Dzak, Curbelo David, Fernández-Román Daniel, Ferreira Fernanda, Fuentes-Lema Antonio, Gebara Lívia, Gomes Mara, Herman Temu Verynice, Mega Aline, Mendes Renato, Molina Giulia, Nieto Sofía, Pereira Hélder, Pereira João, Ramalho Sofía, Relvas Paulo, Rios-Yunes Dunia, Voelker Antje (2022). Hydrographic dataset from the Eurofleets+ SINES 2022 research cruise in the Iberian Upwelling System. SEANOE.

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    Latitude north boundary39.350368
    Longitude east boundary-7.119141
    Latitude south boundary36.119164
    Longitude west boundary-11.99707
    Sea areaNorth Atlantic Ocean
    Atlantic Ocean
    Northeast Atlantic Ocean (40W)

    Data types, collection and processing

    Observation typeinapplicable
    ParameterDissolved oxygen parameters in the water column
    Salinity of the water column
    Temperature of the water column
    Instrument typeCTD
    Instrument nameSea-Bird SBE 911plus CTD
    Instrument typemultinet
    Instrument nameHydro-Bios MultiNet Mammoth
    Platform typeresearch vessel
    Platform nameSarmiento de Gamboa
    Data quality processing informationProcessed data

    Process information

    Submitting organisationUniversity of Algarve, Marine Sciences Centre
    Submission identifier (UUID)a53ad03f-3931-9313-3131-000000091156
    Date of dataset creation2022-01-01
    Date of dataset revision2022-11-23
    Date of metadata creation2022-11-24
    Date of metadata latest revision2022-12-06
    Date of publishing2022-12-23
    Date of processed dataset publication2023-02-09
    Processing data centreNational Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics - OGS, Division of Oceanography
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