Details of Temperature, conductivity and salinity data of the RADIALES Program, Vigo, 1987-2020


Dataset identification

Title of datasetTemperature, conductivity and salinity data of the RADIALES Program, Vigo, 1987-2020
Narrative summary of datasetPressure, temperature, conductivity, and derived salinity data with their associated quality flags from the Vigo section of the monitoring program "Oceanography Time Series in Northern Spain" (RADIALES;, carried out by the Instituto Español de Oceanografía. Data were collected biweekly to monthly from August 1987 to September 2020 in the interior of the Ría de Vigo and its adjacent shelf, at four stations with depths ranging from 29 m to 148 m. Data were acquired using MARK III, Sea-Bird Scientific 19 SeaCAT, SBE 9 Plus and SBE 25 Sealogger CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) profilers. They were processed using Sea-Bird Scientific's Seasoft software package, and subsequently, quality controlled with both ctdcheck ( and Ocean Data View software.  Important Note: This submission has been initially submitted to SEA scieNtific Open data Edition (SEANOE) publication service and received the recorded DOI. The metadata elements have been further processed (refined) in EMODnet Ingestion Service in order to conform with the Data Submission Service specifications.
Start date1987-01-01
End date2020-12-31
Frequency of observationsmonth to sub-year

Responsible organisations

Organisation nameIfremer, Scientific Information Systems for the sea
Role of organisationDataset Holding Organisation
Organisation nameSEA scieNtific Open data Edition
Role of organisationPublisher
Organisation nameIEO-CSIC, Spanish Oceanographic Institute
Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset
How to citeOtero Pablo, Cabrero Águeda, Alonso-Pérez Fernando, Casas-Rodríguez Gerardo, Gago Jesús, Nogueira Enrique (2023). Temperature, conductivity and salinity data of the RADIALES Program, Vigo, 1987-2020. SEANOE. In addition to properly cite this dataset, it would be appreciated that the following work(s) be cited too, when using this dataset in a publication : Otero Pablo, Cabrero Águeda, Alonso-Pérez Fernando, Casas Gerardo, Gago Jesús, Nogueira Enrique (2023). Temperature and salinity vertical profiles (CTD) data in the Ría de Vigo and adjacent shelf collected in the Radiales program, 1987–2020. Data in Brief, 51.

Dataset availability

Original dataset download link
Dataset formatNetwork Common Data Form
Public accessNo limitations
License for useCC BY-SA 4.0


Latitude north boundary42.273231
Longitude east boundary-8.713947
Latitude south boundary42.07069
Longitude west boundary-9.189106
Sea areaNorth Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
European mainland
Northeast Atlantic Ocean (40W)

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typeWater column temperature and salinity
ParameterSalinity of the water column
Temperature of the water column
Instrument typeCTD
Platform typeresearch vessel
Platform nameJose Maria Navaz

Process information

Submitting organisationIEO-CSIC, Vigo Oceanographic Centre
Submission identifier (UUID)a53ad03f-3934-9343-3430-000000094008
Date of dataset creation2023-03-21
Date of dataset revision2023-11-23
Date of metadata creation2023-11-24
Date of metadata latest revision2023-11-30
Date of publishing2023-12-20
Processing data centreIEO-CSIC, Spanish Oceanographic Institute
Summary record-ID1407