Details of Submarine Cables in Maltese Waters


Dataset identification

Title of datasetSubmarine Cables in Maltese Waters
Narrative summary of datasetThis data includes the location of submarine cables that originate from or pass through Maltese Waters.
Summary of processing methodologyThe raw data was available as PDF files. This data was then validated using standard procedures and converted to an Excel sheet.
Supporting documentationCable_coordinates.xlsx, 45008014.xml
Start date1990-01-01
End date2018-01-30
Frequency of observationsinapplicable

Responsible organisations

Organisation nameTransport Malta, Maritime Division (ex. Malta Maritime Authority)
Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset
Organisation nameOceanography Malta Research Group, Department of Geosciences, University of Malta
Role of organisationDataset Holding Organisation

Dataset availability

Original dataset download link
Date of original dataset publication2018-05-09
Dataset formatText or Plaintext
Public accessNo limitations
License for useODC-ODbL
Link to dataset after processing by data centre


Latitude north boundary37.66
Longitude east boundary15.63
Latitude south boundary35.91
Longitude west boundary12.45
Coordinate reference systemWorld Geodetic System 84
Sea areaStrait of Sicily

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typeAdministration and dimensions
ParameterHorizontal spatial co-ordinates
Data quality processing informationCable data provided by Transport Malta are managed by the University of Malta following the data management standards concerning gathering, processing, quality controlling, metadata preparation.

Process information

Submitting organisationOceanography Malta Research Group, Department of Geosciences, University of Malta
Submission identifier (UUID)c1d7966d-4591-4cc9-9f94-e89686346e4a
Date of dataset creation2018-01-30
Date of metadata creation2018-01-30
Date of metadata latest revision2018-05-03
Date of publishing2018-05-09
Date of processed dataset publication2018-05-16
Processing data centreOceanography Malta Research Group, Department of Geosciences, University of Malta
Summary record-ID146