Details of Bugio - Lisbon Harbour Entrance - Satellite Derived Bathymetry


Dataset identification

Title of datasetBugio - Lisbon Harbour Entrance - Satellite Derived Bathymetry
Narrative summary of datasetBathymetric model retrieved from multispectral satellite Sentinel-2 imagery (Geotif 3D refered to the chart datum)
Summary of processing methodologySatellite derived bathymetry using Sentinel-2 imagery; empiric Stumpf algorithm; some in situ data acquired with single beam in 2015 to calibrate the bathymetric model
Project/programmeH2020 Co-ReSyF Project (under Grant Agreement No 687289)
Start date2017-11-19
End date2018-05-25

Dataset availability

Original dataset download link
Date of original dataset publication2018-07-16
Dataset formatImage
Public accessNo limitations
License for usePDDL


Latitude north boundary38.667613921418
Longitude east boundary-9.2544186322597
Latitude south boundary38.640132416893
Longitude west boundary-9.30454375433
Coordinate reference systemWorld Geodetic System 84

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typeGravity, magnetics and bathymetry
ParameterBathymetry and Elevation
Data quality processing informationBathymetric data should only be used in qualitative terms to assess the seafloor morphology - without quality control

Process information

Submitting organisationHydrographic Institute
Submission identifier (UUID)8f417c74-34c5-4d38-9028-13b871c2e74b
Date of dataset creation2018-05-16
Date of metadata creation2018-05-16
Date of metadata latest revision2018-07-11
Date of publishing2018-07-17
Processing data centreHydrographic Institute
Summary record-ID185