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Details of FinisGlider deployment (EGO glider : bonpland) (Atlantic Ocean). JERICO-NEXT TNA


Dataset identification

Title of datasetFinisGlider deployment (EGO glider : bonpland) (Atlantic Ocean). JERICO-NEXT TNA
Narrative summary of datasetmole concentration of dissolved molecular oxygen in sea water, temperature of sensor for oxygen in sea water, uncalibrated phase shift reported by oxygen sensor, calibrated phase shift reported by oxygen sensor, sea water temperature, sea water electrical conductivity, sea water pressure, mass concentration of chlorophyll a in sea water, volume absorption coefficient of radiative flux in sea water due to dissolved organic matter, volume scattering function of radiative flux in sea water 700
Supporting documentation
Project/programmeJERICO-NEXT : Towards a joint European research infrastructure network for coastal observatories
Start date2017-06-27
End date2017-08-18

Responsible organisations

Organisation nameIEO/ Spanish Oceanographic Institute
Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset

Dataset availability

Original dataset download link
Dataset formatNetwork Common Data Form
Public accessNo limitations
License for useCC-BY 4.0


Latitude north boundary43.5
Longitude east boundary-8.4907442742498
Latitude south boundary42.5
Longitude west boundary-15.96144739925
Coordinate reference systemWorld Geodetic System 84
Sea areaNorthwest Atlantic Ocean (40W)

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typeOther physical oceanographic measurements
Water column temperature and salinity
ParameterAcoustic backscatter in the water column
Chlorophyll pigment concentrations in water bodies
Dissolved organic carbon concentration in the water column
Salinity of the water column
Temperature of the water column
Platform typeglider

Process information

Submitting organisationETT S.p.A.
Submission identifier (UUID)2852c981-d065-4d81-b4b3-bf4f5f30103e
Date of dataset creation2017-11-30
Date of metadata creation2018-09-28
Date of metadata latest revision2018-10-16
Date of publishing2018-11-01
Processing data centreIEO/ Spanish Oceanographic Institute
Summary record-ID204