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Details of UK Offshore Carbon Capture and Storage - The Crown Estate Leases


Dataset identification

Title of datasetUK Offshore Carbon Capture and Storage - The Crown Estate Leases
Narrative summary of datasetThis dataset shows carbon capture and storage agreements given by The Crown Estate. At this stage there is one Agreement for Lease for a site called Goldeneye, along with an existing pipeline agreement. The proposed CO2 and storage reservoir area is owned by Shell and is planned to form part of the carbon capture and storage project with the SSE Peterhead power station. Carbon from the gas-fired power plant in Peterhead will be pumped to Shell's depleted Goldeneye gas field, located 65 miles off the coast of north east Scotland. The proposed SSE Peterhead project aims to design and develop a full chain, post-combustion CCS facility which will be capable of capturing the CO2 from one 385 MW combined cycle gas turbine unit. The first injection is planned for 2016. The Don Valley Power Project (formally known as Hatfield) seeks to demonstrate Carbon, Capture and Storage on a new, 900MW integrated gas-fuelled combined cycle (IGCC) power station in the Humber area. The emissions will be captured at the power station and will be transported away to the storage area. In October 2015, the CCS site (AfL) which is part of the White Rose project changed its name from Aquifer 5/42 to Endurance.
Summary of processing methodologyFor further information see: and
Supporting documentationThe dataset was created with input from Jason Golder - Development Manager (CCS & Gas Storage). Further information can be found here: and
Start date2012-07-18
End date2017-03-30

Responsible organisations

CountryUnited Kingdom
Organisation nameThe Crown Estate
Role of organisationDataset Holding Organisation
CountryUnited Kingdom
Organisation nameThe Crown Estate
Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset

Dataset availability

Original dataset download link
Dataset formatGeographic Information System
Public accessNo limitations
License for useCC BY-SA 4.0


Latitude north boundary54.5
Longitude east boundary2
Latitude south boundary54
Longitude west boundary1
Coordinate reference systemWorld Geodetic System 84
Sea areaNorth Sea

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typeEnergy
ParameterCarbon capture storage site location

Process information

Submitting organisationBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
Submission identifier (UUID)791b2381-3fb7-4aa7-971e-85e0943fe497
Date of dataset creation2017-03-30
Date of metadata creation2017-10-09
Date of metadata latest revision2017-11-20
Date of publishing2017-11-20
Processing data centreCOGEA SRL – Business Management Consultants
Summary record-ID30