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Details of Cyprus Time Series 2017


Dataset identification

Title of datasetCyprus Time Series 2017
Narrative summary of datasetCTD data acquired with R/V Teal Jr. along northern coast of Cyprus in 2017 in framework of the project "Determination of the impact of human and natural changes on the marine ecosystem of Cilician Basin".
Summary of processing methodologyThe data were acquired with SBE 19plus CTD profiler equipped with SBE 43 Oxygen sensor and Wetlabs Eco Turbidity and Fluorescense sensors. Raw CTD data were processed with SBE Data Processing software (version 7.23.2). Following procedures were applied: data conversion, filtering, alignment, CTM correction, loop edit, calculation of derived variables and bin-averaging.
Project/programmeDetermination of influence of anthropogenic and natural processes on the Cilician Basin (between Northern Cyprus and Turkey) marine ecosystem
Start date2017-01-23
End date2017-11-15

Responsible organisations

Organisation nameUniversity of Kyrenia
Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset
Organisation nameInstitute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University
Role of organisationDataset Holding Organisation

Dataset availability

Original dataset download link
Dataset formatText or Plaintext
Public accessNo limitations
License for usePDDL


Latitude north boundary35.53
Longitude east boundary34
Latitude south boundary35.35
Longitude west boundary33.28
Coordinate reference systemWorld Geodetic System 84
Sea areaMediterranean Sea, Eastern Basin
Vertical extent maximum770 Metres

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typeOther physical oceanographic measurements
Water column temperature and salinity
ParameterChlorophyll pigment concentrations in water bodies
Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column
Turbulence in the water column
Salinity of the water column
Temperature of the water column
Instrument typeCTD
Instrument nameSea-Bird SBE 19plus SEACAT CTD
Platform typeresearch vessel
Platform nameTeal Jr.

Process information

Submitting organisationInstitute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University
Submission identifier (UUID)7ef47c81-1e45-483a-8869-e0f6b502e5ab
Date of dataset creation2019-05-28
Date of metadata creation2019-05-28
Date of metadata latest revision2019-09-30
Date of publishing2019-09-30
Processing data centreInstitute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University
Summary record-ID552