Details of Marine beach litter survey results 2012-2017 / Latvia


Dataset identification

Title of datasetMarine beach litter survey results 2012-2017 / Latvia
Narrative summary of datasetDataset includes data from marine litter public monitoring programme in Latvia. Monitorings are implemented according to UNEP/IOC methodology and contain information from 38-45 spots annually.
Summary of processing methodologyUNEP/IOC
Project/programmeCampaign My Sea
Start date2012-07-01
End date2017-09-01

Responsible organisations

Organisation nameFoundation for Environmental Education, Latvia
Role of organisationDataset Holding Organisation

Dataset availability

Original dataset download link
Date of original dataset publication2018-01-19
Dataset formatDocuments
Public accessNo limitations
License for useODC-ODbL
Link to dataset after processing by data centre{B917CF89-A8BD-44C1-A921-6E83B90AE45E}


Latitude north boundary57.941259294533
Longitude east boundary25.335430461773
Latitude south boundary56.075270059692
Longitude west boundary20.501446086773
Coordinate reference systemWorld Geodetic System 84

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typeinapplicable
ParameterLitter abundance and type
Data quality processing informationAs there are no unified database, for the convenience of day-to-day working with data and communication of data to national and municipal partners, the data are processed and kept in excel sheets db format.

Process information

Submitting organisationFoundation for Environmental Education, Latvia
Submission identifier (UUID)f9868b1a-ca15-4c4d-a863-1dfc61d40b19
Date of dataset creation2017-11-29
Date of metadata creation2017-11-29
Date of metadata latest revision2018-01-02
Date of publishing2018-01-19
Date of processed dataset publication2020-05-05
Processing data centreLatvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology
Summary record-ID57