Details of CTD measuremet in a coastal waters Vitrupe - Ainazi


Dataset identification

Title of datasetCTD measuremet in a coastal waters Vitrupe - Ainazi
Narrative summary of datasetCTD (salinity, temperature and oxygen) measurements were done within Estonia-Latvia transboundary project "Towards joint management of the transboundary Gauja/Koiva river basin district" for harmonization of water quality classification system for transboundary water bodies in the Gauja/Koiva river basin district and adjacent areas (in Estonia) in the Gulf of Riga. Measurements were done once in August 2012 along with underwater video observation and transparency, Chla, SPM, suspended N and C measurements in coastal waters in shallow part (2 - 12m) of coast. Data were used for Final report on assessment of the quality status of the transboundary water bodies (coastal, lakes, rivers) in Gauja/Koiva river basin district (2013. Kalvane I. and Veidemane K. (eds.))
Summary of processing methodologyObservations were done manually from the motorboat by the specialists of the Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology. ISO 15839:2003 Water quality -- On-line sensors/analysing equipment for water -- Specifications and performance tests. According to producer manual. SeaBird CTD.
Supporting documentation
Start date2012-08-16
End date2012-08-21

Responsible organisations

Organisation nameBaltic Environmental Forum, Latvia
Role of organisationPublisher
Organisation nameLatvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology
Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset

Dataset availability

Original dataset download link
Date of original dataset publication2020-04-07
Dataset formatOcean Data View
Public accessNo limitations
License for useODC-ODbL
Link to dataset after processing by data centre{720207C7-36A8-473A-9154-4A60982D8397}


Latitude north boundary57.870264724174
Longitude east boundary24.318739134678
Latitude south boundary57.625493607599
Longitude west boundary24.379163939366
Sea areaGulf of Riga
Vertical extent maximum20 Metres

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typeDissolved gases
Water column temperature and salinity
ParameterDate and time
Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column
Salinity of the water column
Temperature of the water column
Instrument typeCTD
Instrument nameSea-Bird SBE 19plus SEACAT CTD
Platform typeself-propelled small boat

Process information

Submitting organisationLatvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology
Submission identifier (UUID)54af7d1e-a115-47d3-b48d-dd17c56fe69a
Date of dataset creation2012-08-25
Date of metadata creation2020-04-06
Date of metadata latest revision2020-04-07
Date of publishing2020-04-07
Date of processed dataset publication2021-03-22
Processing data centreLatvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology
Summary record-ID603