Details of Raw EK60 echosounder data: Swart seamount, British Indian Ocean Territory 2015


Dataset identification

Title of datasetRaw EK60 echosounder data: Swart seamount, British Indian Ocean Territory 2015
Narrative summary of datasetThese data consist of raw uncalibrated 38 and 120 kHz echosounder observations collected during a pelagic survey of the Chagos archipelago MPA (January 2015). Observations were collected from a pole-mounted system (transducers were fixed at a depth of 3m). Data include several transects recorded during the 19th January at the Swart seamount site (close to Diego Garcia). A calibration was conducted prior to the survey. Resultant transducer peak gain (G0) and Simrad correction factor (Sa) values were as follows: 38 kHz (power = 1000 W; pulse duration = 1.024 ms; G0 = 20.97 dB; Sa = -0.62 dB) and 120 kHz (power = 250 W; pulse duration = 1.024 ms; G0 = 24.5 dB; Sa = -0.29 dB).
Summary of processing methodologyNA (raw data)
Project/programmeTowards the Sustainable Development of the Atlantic Ocean: Mapping and Assessing the present and future status of Atlantic marine ecosystems under multiple stre
Start date2015-01-19
End date2015-01-19

Responsible organisations

CountryUnited Kingdom
Organisation nameUniversity of St Andrews, School of Biology
Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset

Dataset availability

Original dataset download link
Dataset formatEx60 raw data files (.raw, .out, .bot)
Public accessNo limitations
License for useCC-BY 4.0
Link to dataset after processing by data centre
Date of processed dataset publication2020-11-06


Latitude north boundary-4.83467763034
Longitude east boundary73.486738081097
Latitude south boundary-7.9959838517927
Longitude west boundary70.498457501649
Sea areaIndian Ocean

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typeBiota abundance, biomass and diversity
Sonar and seismics
ParameterAcoustic backscatter in the water column
Instrument typeFish-finder echosounders
Instrument nameSimrad EK-60 echosounder
Platform typesurface vessel
Platform nameM/V Pacific Marlin

Process information

Submitting organisationUniversity of St Andrews, School of Biology
Submission identifier (UUID)e7d49869-8774-4251-9fd0-87b88359a218
Date of dataset creation2015-01-19
Date of dataset revision2020-10-12
Date of metadata creation2020-10-05
Date of metadata latest revision2020-10-12
Date of publishing2020-10-13
Processing data centreFlanders Marine Institute
Summary record-ID691