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Title of datasetHYPER
Narrative summary of datasetHypoxia in the Baltic Sea has become more frequent and widespread over the last century due to increased nutrient inputs from land and atmosphere. Sediments and the benthic faunal community play an important role for recycling nutrients, and the development of hypoxia may occur as cascading regime shifts leading to further deterioration of ecosystem health. Our present knowledge on processes leading to hypoxia is fragmented and discipline-specific, with strong repercussions for accurately computing nutrient reductions needed to restore the Baltic Sea. HYPER will synthesise this knowledge at an ecosystem scale and establish a holistic scientific understanding of the mechanisms leading to hypoxia and associated effects on benthic fauna. To achieve this HYPER will quantify nutrient feedback rates from the sediments over gradients of salinity, temperature and benthic community structure. HYPER will describe the temporal and spatial variability of these processes within the entire Baltic Sea and use this information for improving existing models describing the hydrodynamics and biogeochemistry. Required nutrient reductions to maintain a healthy ecosystem will be estimated taking future climate changes into account. The project will combine field and experimental work into a modelling framework for nutrient management via the Baltic Nest Institute. The project is carried out at 11 institutes covering 6 countries around the Baltic Sea.
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Project/programmeHYPoxia mitigation for Baltic Sea Ecosystem Restoration
  • 96_BSH20110161
  • Start date2010-06-27
    End date2010-07-05

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    Organisation nameAarhus University, Department of Bioscience, Marine Ecology Roskilde
    Role of organisationDataset Holding Organisation

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    Dataset formatDelimited
    Public accessNo limitations
    License for useCC0 1.0


    Latitude north boundary59
    Longitude east boundary21
    Latitude south boundary54
    Longitude west boundary12
    Coordinate reference systemWorld Geodetic System 84
    Sea areaBaltic Sea

    Data types, collection and processing

    Observation typeOther biological measurements
    Other inorganic chemical measurements
    Water column temperature and salinity
    ParameterAmmonium and ammonia concentration parameters in water bodies
    Electrical conductivity of the water column
    Dissolved organic carbon concentration in the water column
    Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column
    Nitrate concentration parameters in the water column
    Raw oxygen sensor output
    Partial pressure (pCO2) and fugacity (fCO2) of carbon dioxide in the water column
    Phosphate concentration parameters in the water column
    Salinity of the water column
    Silicate concentration parameters in the water column
    Dissolved inorganic nitrogen concentration in the water column
    Temperature of the water column
    Instrument typeCTD
    Platform typeship
    Platform nameHeincke

    Process information

    Submitting organisationSwedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
    Submission identifier (UUID)e8920a1c-6582-4b93-a712-bc3ecc60a0f5
    Date of dataset creation2017-12-19
    Date of metadata creation2017-12-22
    Date of metadata latest revision2018-02-19
    Date of publishing2018-02-26
    Processing data centreAarhus University, Department of Bioscience, Marine Ecology Roskilde
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