Details of First part of Dr. John K. Hall data (International Bathymetric Charts of the Mediterranean Sea and other documents)


Dataset identification

Title of datasetFirst part of Dr. John K. Hall data (International Bathymetric Charts of the Mediterranean Sea and other documents)
Narrative summary of datasetThis data is part of a DVD prepared by Dr. John K. Hall the former Vice Chairman of the IBCM (International Bathymetric Chart of the Mediterranean) with all the scanned charts and scientific papers related to the bathymetry, magnetics, gravity, Plio-Quaternary sediments, Seismicity, and Bottom Sediment maps of the Mediterranean Sea with their explanatory notes. The charts have been prepared in collaboration mainly with OGS, University of Trieste, Institute for Geophysics in Hamburg, the Russian Academy of Science, the Russian Federation under the authority of IOC. The huge amount of data doesn’t allow to upload all the files together and so the data will be split at least into 4 parts.
Summary of processing methodologyPlease check the period covered by the data sets
Supporting documentationDead-Sea-DVD-File-Structure
Start date1994-12-31
End date2000-12-31

Responsible organisations

Organisation nameGeological Survey of Israel
Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset

Dataset availability

Original dataset download link
Dataset formatDocuments
Public accessNo limitations
License for useCC-BY 4.0


Latitude north boundary46.13127300053
Longitude east boundary35.843134007641
Latitude south boundary30
Longitude west boundary-5.3
Sea areaMediterranean Sea

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typeGravity, magnetics and bathymetry
Rock and sediment sedimentology
Bathymetry and Elevation
Sedimentary structure

Process information

Submitting organisationENEA Centro Ricerche Ambiente Marino (La Spezia)
Submission identifier (UUID)de4240bd-26c5-4bb2-a4de-9042d9ff5cc0
Date of dataset creation1984-05-30
Date of metadata creation2020-08-05
Date of metadata latest revision2021-03-25
Date of publishing2021-03-26
Processing data centreHellenic Centre for Marine Research, Hellenic National Oceanographic Data Centre
Summary record-ID747