Details of 2012, Fugro GeoConsulting Ltd., Zone 9 Celtic Array, Geotechnical Survey


Dataset identification

Title of dataset2012, Fugro GeoConsulting Ltd., Zone 9 Celtic Array, Geotechnical Survey
Narrative summary of datasetFugro GeoConsulting Limited (Fugro) was requested by Centrica Energy Renewable Investments Limited (CERI) to perform a geotechnical investigation at the South-East Development Area of the proposed Irish Sea Wind Farm to provide sufficient data to enable the zone-wide characterisation of the soil and rock conditions for combination with the regional geophysical data to inform the technical and commercial planning process. The work was performed from the MV Normand Mermaid from 4 April 2012 to 29 September 2012, in accordance with the instructions received from CERI. Two drilling methods were mobilised for the work: the standard downhole American Petroleum Institute (API) drilling spread and a Geobor S piggyback coring spread. The fieldwork consisted of 43 boreholes: 19 boreholes utilising the API drilling spread to characterise engineering soil and prove depth to bedrock, and 24 boreholes using the API drilling spread with follow-on Geobor S boreholes to characterise engineering soil and bedrock to a target depth of 55 m. Downhole geophysical wireline logging was performed at each of the follow-on Geobor-S boreholes in order to enhance characterisation of the site. The datasets included within this package are 1.AGS data (.ags) 2.Wireline Digital Data (.las, .xls) 3. Images(.pdf, jpg) These datasets relate to the Centrica report document No: SE-D-EN-127-0117-501003-005.
Summary of processing methodologyDescribed in the documentation accompanying the dataset.
Supporting documentation2012, Fugro GeoConsulting Ltd., Zone 9 Celtic Array, Geotechnical Survey, Seabed Recovery Operations Summary SE-D-EN-127-0117-501003-004
Round 3 SE Development Area, Regional Geotechnical Site Investigation. Factual Downhole Logging Report Field Report. Fugro Alluvial Offshore Limited (FAOL) Report No. J11130: 120521-1 (02)
Round 3 SE Development Area, Regional Geotechnical Site Investigation. Geotechnical Report - Field Data. Fugro Report No. J11130-1
SE Development Area, Laboratory and In Situ data Geotechnical Report. Centrica report document No: SE-D-EN-127-0117-501003-005 (Contract J11130-2 (02))
Start date2012-04-04
End date2012-09-29

Responsible organisations

CountryUnited Kingdom
Organisation nameThe Crown Estate
Role of organisationDataset Holding Organisation
CountryUnited Kingdom
Organisation nameCentrica Energy Renewable Investments
Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset
CountryUnited Kingdom
Organisation nameFugro GeoConsulting Limited
Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset

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Latitude north boundary53.9755
Longitude east boundary-3.6694
Latitude south boundary53.4913
Longitude west boundary-5.0537
Sea areaIrish Sea

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typeRock and sediment physical properties
Rock and sediment biota
ParameterGeological sample density
Sediment grain size parameters
Sediment accumulation rate
Sedimentary structure
Instrument typeunconsolidated sediment corers
rock corers
Platform typeresearch vessel

Process information

Submitting organisationBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
Submission identifier (UUID)cc307ee3-2346-44be-b881-fa7ff6499b45
Date of dataset creation2021-01-16
Date of metadata creation2021-03-24
Date of metadata latest revision2021-03-27
Date of publishing2021-03-29
Processing data centreBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
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