Details of CTD data from FRV Scotia 0318S cruise


Dataset identification

Title of datasetCTD data from FRV Scotia 0318S cruise
Narrative summary of dataset56 CTD casts collected by Marine Scotland Science on cruise FRV Scotia 0318S in the Inner Seas off the west coast of Scotland and North East Atlantic Ocean.
Summary of processing methodologyData Processing: The CTD data were processed by Marine Scotland using the Sea-Bird SeaSoft routines as recommended in the SeaSoft manual for model type Sea-Bird SBE19plus. Pressure data were binned to 1 dbar using SeaSoft and the primary temperature and conductivity channels were adjusted to produce 'edit' channels. Marine Scotland regards the 'edit' channels as the definitive version of the data. The adjustments consisted of a de-spiking process using Marine Scotland in-house visualisation software and, as necessary, application of a low pass filter as described in Sy (1985). Field Calibrations: For a number of the cruises Marine Scotland used water samples collected during the CTD casts to generate calibration equations for the conductivity and fluorescence channels. However, these calibrations were not applied to the data by the originator. Sy A., 1985. An alternative editing technique for oceanographic data. Deep Sea Research, 32 (12), 1591-1599.
Start date2018-02-15
End date2018-03-07

Responsible organisations

CountryUnited Kingdom
Organisation nameMarine Scotland Science
Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset

Dataset availability


Latitude north boundary60.5
Longitude east boundary-4
Latitude south boundary54
Longitude west boundary-11
Sea areaInner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland
Northeast Atlantic Ocean (40W)

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typePigments
Water column temperature and salinity
Suspended particulate material
ParameterElectrical conductivity of the water column
Chlorophyll pigment concentrations in water bodies
Temperature of the water column
Concentration of suspended particulate material in the water column
Instrument typefluorometers
Instrument nameWET Labs {Sea-Bird WETLabs} ECO FLNTU combined fluorometer and turbidity sensor
Instrument typeCTD
Instrument nameSea-Bird SBE 19plus SEACAT CTD
Platform typeresearch vessel
Platform nameScotia

Process information

Submitting organisationBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
Submission identifier (UUID)7bf794d0-1f87-478c-acd8-889bc6e03592
Date of dataset creation2021-03-24
Date of metadata creation2021-03-25
Date of metadata latest revision2021-03-28
Date of publishing2021-03-29
Date of processed dataset publication2021-10-10
Processing data centreBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
Summary record-ID759