Details of Gombessa 5 cruise: CTD profiles in western Mediterranean, July 2019


Dataset identification

Title of datasetGombessa 5 cruise: CTD profiles in western Mediterranean, July 2019
Narrative summary of datasetThis dataset contains the CTD data collected during the GOMBESSA 5 cruise, from 1 to 25 July 2019, in the western Mediterranean, jointly by the (MEGAFAUNA research project)-[]. The full-depth CTD profiles were performed using an autonomous SeaBird SBE 19plus V2 SeaCAT Profiler CTD, from the Zembra vessel belonging to (Andromède océanologie)-[] (France). 15 stations, from the depth of 200 m to the surface, were sampled off the French and Monegasque coasts (western Mediterranean basin) between latitude 43.06-43.69 °N and longitude 5.65-7.31 °E. The accuracy, specified by the manufacturer, were ± 0.005 °C for temperature and ± 0.0005 S/m for conductivity. The dataset is provided as an ODV (Ocean Data View) collection, which contains, for each station the following parameters: Depth [salt_water,m] Temperature [ITS-90,deg-C] pH Salinity [PSU] Conductivity [S/m] Density [kg/m^3] Oxygen [mL/L] Oxygen_sat [% saturation] Oxygen_umoll [umol/L] Turbidity [NTU] Fluorescence [mg/m^3] Light [PAR/Irradiance] The ZIP archives contain 1/ a map of stations 2/ the list of the ID stations and geographic coordinates 3/ all raw data acquired, for all parameters, in ODV format, 4/ in NetCDF format, 5/ in CSV format and 6/ one vertical profile graph of the Sea Water Temperature for each station. All data acquired are publicly accessible without any restriction (under CC-BY licence). The extracted data are accessible from this GOMBESSA 5 landing page with a downloadable ZIP file. Important Note: This submission has been initially submitted to SEA scieNtific Open data Edition (SEANOE) publication service and received the recorded DOI. The metadata elements have been further processed (refined) in EMODnet Ingestion Service in order to conform with the Data Submission Service specifications.
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  • Start date2019-07-01
    End date2019-07-22

    Responsible organisations

    Organisation nameIfremer, Scientific Information Systems for the sea
    Role of organisationDataset Holding Organisation
    Organisation nameSEA scieNtific Open data Edition
    Role of organisationPublisher
    How to citeDeter Julie, Juhel Jean-Baptiste, Boulanger Emilie, Guellati Nacim, Mauron Stephen, Holon Florian, Mouillot David, Hocdé Régis (2020). Gombessa 5 cruise: CTD profiles in western Mediterranean, July 2019. SEANOE.

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    Original dataset download link
    Dataset formatNetwork Common Data Form
    Public accessNo limitations
    License for useCC-BY 4.0


    Latitude north boundary43.69
    Longitude east boundary7.31
    Latitude south boundary43.06
    Longitude west boundary5.65
    Sea areaNorth Atlantic Ocean
    Mediterranean Region
    Mediterranean Sea
    Mediterranean Sea, Western Basin
    Atlantic Ocean
    European mainland
    Northeast Atlantic Ocean (40W)

    Data types, collection and processing

    Observation typePigments
    Carbonate system
    Dissolved gases
    Other physical oceanographic measurements
    Water column temperature and salinity
    Suspended particulate material
    ParameterAlkalinity, acidity and pH of the water column
    Variable fluorescence parameters
    Dissolved oxygen parameters in the water column
    Salinity of the water column
    Density of the water column
    Temperature of the water column
    Concentration of suspended particulate material in the water column
    Instrument typeCTD
    Instrument nameSea-Bird SBE 19plus V2 SEACAT CTD
    Platform typeresearch vessel
    Data quality processing informationQuality controlled data

    Process information

    Submitting organisationMARBEC Montpellier
    Submission identifier (UUID)a53ad03f-3731-7313-3138-000000071814
    Date of dataset creation2020-02-01
    Date of dataset revision2020-06-05
    Date of metadata creation2020-6-10
    Date of metadata latest revision2021-04-21
    Date of publishing2021-05-15
    Processing data centreIfremer, Scientific Information Systems for the sea
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