Details of Sozopol Bay monitoring data 2018-2020


Dataset identification

Title of datasetSozopol Bay monitoring data 2018-2020
Narrative summary of datasetPhysical ( temperature, salinity, turbidity), chemical (nitrites, nitrates, ammonia, DIN, phosphates) and biological ( chl-a) in Sozopol Bay, Black Sea. Data collected in the framework of the BalkanMed RECONNECT project ( 2017-2020)
Summary of processing methodologyInstrumental measurements carried out with NKE Instrumentation Mp7 multiparameter probe. Data processed with NKE WinmemoII and MS Excel
Start date2018-06-01
End date2020-02-29

Responsible organisations

Organisation nameInstitute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset

Dataset availability

Original dataset download link
Dataset formatOcean Data View
Public accessNo limitations
License for useCC0 1.0
Link to dataset after processing by data centre{B614B02C-381B-4657-99F0-3400F30E0246}


Latitude north boundary42.45237886197
Longitude east boundary27.71376560255
Latitude south boundary42.40448369274
Longitude west boundary27.63823459669
Sea areaBlack Sea

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typePhytoplankton and microphytobenthos
Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus
ParameterChlorofluorocarbon concentrations in the water column
Uptake of other nutrients in the water column
Salinity of the water column
Secchi disk depth
Temperature of the water column

Process information

Submitting organisationInstitute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Submission identifier (UUID)fc288baa-79fa-4eac-877a-ebb8e074d0b8
Date of dataset creation2021-06-01
Date of metadata creation2021-06-28
Date of metadata latest revision2021-07-12
Date of publishing2021-07-14
Date of processed dataset publication2021-07-16
Processing data centreBulgarian National Oceanographic Data Centre , Institute of Oceanology
Summary record-ID822