Details of Port-of-Split-noise-07-2018


Dataset identification

Title of datasetPort-of-Split-noise-07-2018
Narrative summary of datasetThe current dataset contains data on 63 Hz and 125 Hz 1/3 octaves of continuous underwater noise (Descriptor D11.2) recorded on four different locations in two periods (during and off tourist season) - July 2018 Dataset formats
Summary of processing methodologyThe dataset is obtained by direct continuous underwater noise pressure level measurement using the autonomous bottom mounted recorder. The measurement was performed in wider bandwidth (10 Hz – 10 kHz) from wich 1/3 octave band pressure levels required, were extracted. Methodology used is in line with: The monitoring and observation system for continuous assessment of the Adriatic Sea (Official Gazette 153/14) and Dekeling, R.P.A. et al., Monitoring Guidance for Underwater Noise in European Seas, Part I, II and III: JRC Scientific and Policy Reports EUR 26557 EN, EUR 26555, EUR 26556 EN, Publications Office of the European Union,Luxembourg, 2014. ( Https://
Start date2018-07-19
End date2018-07-29

Responsible organisations

Organisation nameInstitute of Oceanography and Fisheries
Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset

Dataset availability

Original dataset download link
Dataset formatDelimited
Public accessNo limitations
License for useCC BY-SA 4.0


Latitude north boundary45.5
Longitude east boundary17.5
Latitude south boundary43
Longitude west boundary13
Sea areaAdriatic Sea

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typeAcoustics
ParameterAcoustic noise in the water column

Process information

Submitting organisationInstitute of Oceanography and Fisheries
Submission identifier (UUID)bb97e2f6-76e5-4365-8764-ff591feebbea
Date of dataset creation2018-11-03
Date of metadata creation2019-03-27
Date of metadata latest revision2021-09-10
Date of publishing2021-09-14
Processing data centreInstitute of Oceanography and Fisheries
Summary record-ID864