Details of Bathymetry data from the R/V Ramon Margalef echosounder (2014)


Dataset identification

Title of datasetBathymetry data from the R/V Ramon Margalef echosounder (2014)
Narrative summary of datasetIn the framework of the R/V R. Margalef (Spanish Institute of Oceanography, IEO) field works and alongtrack navigation, a continuous echosounder was used in order to measure the depth along its trajectory. These data were mainly held around Spanish territorial waters. During the ship trajectory, the echosounder was receiving and integrating bathymetry data and GPS position. All the data recorded were checked for quality control in a semi-automatic standard procedure and stored in MEDAR/MEDATLAS-SDN format. Important Note: This submission has been initially submitted to SEA scieNtific Open data Edition (SEANOE) publication service and received the recorded DOI. The metadata elements have been further processed (refined) in EMODnet Ingestion Service in order to conform with the Data Submission Service specifications.
Start date2014-01-01
End date2014-12-31

Responsible organisations

Organisation nameIfremer, Scientific Information Systems for the sea
Role of organisationDataset Holding Organisation
Organisation nameSEA scieNtific Open data Edition
Role of organisationPublisher
Organisation nameIEO-CSIC, Spanish Oceanographic Institute
Role of organisationOriginator of Dataset
How to citeTel Elena, Diaz Guerrero Jose Ignacio, Cabezuelo Hernandez Alberto (2020). Bathymetry data from the R/V Ramon Margalef echosounder (2014). SEANOE.

Dataset availability

Original dataset download link
Dataset formatText or Plaintext
Public accessNo limitations
License for useCC BY-SA 4.0


Latitude north boundary48.111300864317
Longitude east boundary4.4614070242733
Latitude south boundary24.692218053374
Longitude west boundary-20.851092975727
Sea areaMediterranean Sea, Western Basin
Strait of Gibraltar
Northeast Atlantic Ocean (40W)

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typeGravity, magnetics and bathymetry
ParameterBathymetry and Elevation
Data quality processing informationProcessed data

Process information

Submitting organisationIEO-CSIC, Spanish Oceanographic Institute
Submission identifier (UUID)a53ad03f-3736-7363-3634-000000076445
Date of dataset creation2020-10-01
Date of dataset revision2020-11-16
Date of metadata creation2020-11-17
Date of metadata latest revision2021-10-01
Date of publishing2021-10-25
Processing data centreIEO-CSIC, Spanish Oceanographic Institute
Summary record-ID958