Help Desk

The portal already provides a lot of guidance information for potential data providers for preparing and progressing their data submissions. See the sections on 'about' and 'data submission'.  

In addition a Help Desk is available during the week at EU office hours for answering questions of data providers. The Help Desk is available by email and telephone, while later also an online chat facility will be installed.

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Email questions will be answered by the Help Desk within 2 working days.

Email your questions

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Users can also ask for telephone assistance by submitting an email with their name, telephone number, and subject. The Help Desk will arrange the right person to call back when available.

Ask for Call back

The Help Desk shall keep a record of all queries and following actions. These will be analysed over time to elaborate a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section

Note: after data submission the care for the data provider will be taken over by the data centre that will be assigned for processing and publishing of the submitted data package and submission form. The data centre will contact the data provider in case of questions and vice versa.