Summary of Webinar Marine Data Management in Offshore License Procedures

29 March 2024

EMODnet, the European Union's central hub for in situ data, data products, and services related to the ocean, marine, and coastal waters, plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of marine data practices within the European Union. A recent analysis conducted as part of EMODnet Ingestion, with a specific focus on offshore aquaculture and renewable energy activities, has revealed diverse approaches and practices related to the availability of marine datasets collected in the framework of offshore licenses. This diversity presents an excellent opportunity to refine our understanding and explore the feasibility of a more harmonized approach.

Therefore, EMODnet Ingestion has organized February 29, 2024, an online Workshop 'Data Management in Offshore Licensing Procedures', aimed at governmental stakeholders in offshore licensing procedures. The workshop focused specifically on advancing management practices across member states for marine data acquired in the framework of licensing.

The following presentations were given:

Introduction of Workshop Goals

Overview of EMODnet and activities of EMODnet Ingestion

Current Practices in Offshore Renewable Energy and Aquaculture Licensing by means of use cases for:

The presentations from country representatives on current licensing procedures in various member states were utilized to initiate discussions on the feasibility and desirability of a harmonized approach. During the discussion, it became apparent that the majority of the participants were in favor of a more harmonized approach for data management in offshore licensing procedures. They also agreed, that efforts for harmonization should primarily focus on the EU level. Only a limited number of participants indicated that the focus should be more on the national level.

Furthermore, it was discussed which role EMODnet could play in supporting activities towards a harmonized approach.

The workshop served as a first step in exploring the opportunities for a more harmonized approach in data management within licensing procedures. The outcomes are used as input to define the scope and activities of the next phase of the EMODnet Ingestion project. As part of this, a roadmap will be developed to promote the harmonization of data management within offshore licensing procedures.

A short summary of the successful workshop is available here.

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